Matthew Olden, Founder

Matthew “Matt” Olden is the founder of Sin City Munitions.  While he would like to say he is as qualified or more than the rest of the team, that he has ‘fought in every clime and place where he could take a gun’, he cannot.  He served in the United States Marine Corps during a rather quiet time, being discharged just as Desert Shield was spinning up and staging forces.  To save a Google search, that was the very end of the 1980s and the very early 1990s.  Given that Desert Storm was a very short ‘war’, he was not called back into service.  As such, he is far less travelled and skilled than the rest of the team although he has a big heart and is quite eager to learn as much as possible.  He is a certified NRA Instructor and an Affiliate USCCA Instructor.

Matt knows that the team assembled is more than adequate to meet the Mission Statement.  He is focused on the CCW and NRA course training along with management of the business.

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USCCA Affiliate Instructor