Land Navigation Course

In this world of GPS navigation where you simply plug in a set of coordinates and go where the little gizmo tells you, basic land navigation skills have fallen by the wayside in many cases.

What if the government takes the GPS system off line?  It has happened in the past and will probably happen again in the future. What if they decide to put a 100 meter offset back on the system for civilian GPS receivers again?  Do you have the basic skills necessary to read a map?  To move from point A to point B using a compass and map?  Find your location with only a map and compass?  Or how about without a compass?  Can you navigate by terrain and stars?

The best thing about “Old School’ land nav is it works without batteries, day, or night.

The Sin City Munitions Land Navigation Course will teach you land navigation that will give you the skills to navigate with or without a GPS and with or without a compass.

For current or prior service members, including Active Duty, Reserves, and National Guard, land navigation is a perishable skill.  Bi-annual training is required to stay trained-up on one of the most widely overlooked tasks.  The Sin City Munitions Land Navigation Course will quickly refresh and enhance your unit’s land navigation abilities.

Training Categories Include:

  • Marginal Map Information
  • Terrain Features
  • Determine Location
  • Orient a Map
  • Determine Grid Coordinates
  • Determine Elevation
  • Determine Azimuth
  • Determine Distance
  • Intersection & Resection
  • Land Navigation Test