Sin City Munitions' NRA firearm training courses are designed and developed by experts in the field to help you learn the basics and hone your shooting skills. From marksmanship and shooting techniques to firearm safety, be the best shooter you can be by enrolling in a NRA firearm training course taught by Sin City Munitions.


Knowing how to shoot is an important requirement for NRA instructors, but you will also need to know how to teach others to shoot. NRA Instructor Training Courses help you develop the additional knowledge, skills, and techniques needed to organize and teach courses in the NRA Basic Firearm Training Program. Sin City Munitions teaches new NRA Instructors.


Pistol Courses
Sin City Munitions offers a variety of pistol training courses, from the basics of pistol shooting to defensive training and reloading. Get more information about the curriculum and focus of each course.
Rifle Courses
COMING SOON - Learn how to shoot a rifle like a pro—from a first-steps orientation to cartridge reloading and long range shooting. Explore the available courses and get more information about the curriculum and focus of each NRA certified class.
Shotgun Training Courses
COMING SOON - From orientation courses to muzzleloading and reloading, Sin City Munitions offers classes to improve and hone your shotgun shooting skills. Explore the available NRA certified shotgun training courses and learn more about the focus of each class.
Personal Protection Courses
Learn how to protect yourself and your family both in and out of your home with NRA certified personal protection training courses. Get more information about the curriculum and focus of each course.
Home Firearm Safety Courses
Take charge of your family’s safety and get the basic knowledge and skills to safely handle or store firearms and ammunition in the home. Learn more about the NRA certified home firearm safety training course.
Child Firearm Safety
The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program is a gun accident prevention program that seeks to help parents, law enforcement, community groups and educators navigate a topic paramount to our children’s safety. Eddie and his Wing Team are on a mission to help you teach Pre-K through 4th graders what to do if they ever come across a gun…