Getting S.E.R.E.-ious Training for Survival

Getting S.E.R.E.-ious Training for Survival

The Most S.E.R.E.-ious Training of a Lifetime

Unless you are a current or former member of an elite U.S. military or Special Forces group, this training will be the most hardcore you have ever taken.  This course is not designed for military personnel although the information is indeed applicable to military operations and has been gleaned from our experiences and training in elite U.S. military and Special Forces groups; it is designed for civilians.

You might be thinking, “Who possibly needs this course?”.   Really, anyone and everyone can benefit from it; if you travel to foreign countries for a living or maybe for an upcoming vacation, you run the risk of being kidnapped.  Kidnapping has become one of the largest criminal enterprises in the world and Americans are top-tier targets.  Statistically, a civilian traveling the world has a higher likelihood of being captured and killed by hostiles than a military member. Kidnapping is a multi-billion dollar business worldwide and this course will teach the skills you will need to know to survive in whatever hostile area you might find yourself.

Welcome to some S.E.R.E.-ious training.  This is not just wilderness survival after being injured while out hunting, this is surviving being hunted by people who seek to do grave bodily harm to you.  This is tactical Survival, Evading, Resisting, and Escaping and it easily can be the most important set of skills you can ever learn.  This course is not a classroom setting with some casual outdoor practical testing.  This course is a week’s long endeavor in the wild outdoors of southern Nevada.  The course is held outside of Las Vegas Valley in the heart of the Mojave Desert, an arid rain-shadow desert and the driest desert in North America.  It is commonly referred to as the “high desert” as elevation is above 2,000 ft.

What is S.E.R.E?


This covers shelter, water, fire, and food.  How to build fast, efficient shelters while on the move and staying hidden.  Where and How to find water, quickly and quietly.  Fires necessary for cooking and warming but how to build them and keep them from revealing your hiding position. Food can be gathered through primitive but effective traps, snares, and through lightweight food kits you can buy or build.


How to evade the hunters on your trail.  How to navigate the terrain with or without a compass, how to hide your tracks, camouflage yourself from your surrounding environment, and how to move stealthily.


The core of the course.  If you are caught by the hunters this section shall give you a taste of what might you expect from them and will be a harsh reminder of why you never want to be caught in the first place.  You probably already know what the First Rule of Fight Club is, well, the first rule of getting S.E.R.E.-ious is to NEVER BE CAPTURED.  Failing that, you must learn how to deal with your captors, how to deal with likely interrogations as they seek to find more captives like your family members, and how to deal with the interminable pressure of time while captive.  We have an optional Realistic Interrogation Phase Prepped (RIPPed) that is worth not opting out of experiencing.  You will be treated much like an actual captive awaiting your ransom payment, so, we now can say “we warned you”.  From this section of the course you will realize the very importance of the Evasion section, but you will also learn some hand-to-hand techniques as well as bladed weapon and improvised weapon techniques to use as a last resort before capture.


Just what the name implies, this section of the course deals with working on your escape from captivity.  You will learn various techniques you will think Houdini had taught you; breaking out of various restraints like handcuffs, Zip-ties, tape, and ropes and even how to pick basic door locks.  Once you do escape you will be back into the Evasion section with renewed vigor for success.

This course will transform you into someone who is capable of escaping illegal custody and evading recapture as you make your way back to the nearest safe zone.  Vacations are fun but you must also be cognizant of the tactics that criminals use so you and your family do not become victims. We will teach you the counter-tactics you can use to protect you and your family.  These learned skills are applicable in numerous scenarios such as; apocalyptic Shit Hits The Fan situations, economic breakdowns, while travelling in foreign lands, natural disasters, etc.

Do you have the drive to really become S.E.R.E.-ious About Survival?

Recommended Gear for S.E.R.E.-ious Training

  • Tough camouflage clothing (BDUs, Multicam)
  • Knee and elbow pads
  • Seasonally appropriate street clothes for changing appearance
  • Poncho or rain gear
  • Stainless-steel canteen
  • Fixed-blade knife
  • Firestarter
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Paracord
  • Solid, sturdy boots
  • Camouflage face paint (desert and forest colors)
  • Overnight camping gear; personal ruck
  • Mini water filter or water bottle filter
  • Binoculars