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About Us

Sin City Munitions is proudly a veteran-owned and veteran-operated business with an all veteran instructor cadre.  We are composed of two operational groups; our Munitions Sales and our Training.  

We are subject matter experts with years of combat-proven, tactical experience in combat arms, small arms, protective services, defensive driving, marksmanship, technical surveillance, and counterterrorism.  Each instructor has been carefully chosen for their operational backgrounds with law enforcement, Emergency Response Teams, as well as elite units such as the U.S. Army Special Forces, Naval Special Warfare, and the United States Marine Corps. 

Sin City Munitions is dedicated to teaching modern tactics, techniques, and procedures which have been proven in combat zones worldwide.  Based on their own real-world experience, our instructors understand the value of high quality training.  Our goal is to ensure you are prepared to excel when the mission counts.  We believe that during a deadly force confrontation, you will defend yourself the way you have been trained.  Our firearms training programs focus on developing a combat mind-set, a tactical aptitude, and a reflexive, conditioned response when the use of deadly force for personal defense is imminent.  Our training programs provide students with a challenging learning environment and will enhance the survival skills that are necessary to deal with real-world situations. 

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