Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness

Physical Training?  You Are A Firearms Trainer.  What Gives?

Why does a firearms training business like Sin City Munitions include physical training courses?  Why is firearms training focused on putting a small piece of lead into a small target, far, far away from us?  Because it’s hard.  There’s no other reason for it.  If it was easy, then everyone would want to do it and everyone could do it.  But we are not the same as everyone else. We are up to the challenge and we continue to strive for perfection.  Our focus should not be just on the components of precision shooting, we should also take a look at ourselves. Ultimately, we are driving that rifle or pistol.

The Fundamentals

There are four Fundamentals of Marksmanship: Breathing, Point of Aim, Steady Position, and Trigger Squeeze. These are the basics that we, as the shooter, physically control. We can be as meticulous as possible, but if we do not strictly adhere to a simple shooting regiment built around these fundamentals, everything will be in vain. The fundamentals are what make or break us as precision shooters.

How our bodies react to what our minds tell it to do is vital in the pursuit of accuracy. We are striving for consistency.  It is very easy to become fatigued while shooting.  We see it all of the time during our courses.  Physically doing the same thing time and time again is taxing.  It varies depending on the shooting position, but no matter what, the shooter will become fatigued.  To be a successful shooter or hunter, you have to have some level of physical fitness.

Cardiovascular System

We train to shoot on our down breath, or when all of the air is exhaled out of our lungs.  This is important because it is the point in our breathing cycle where our body’s movement settles.  It does not stop, per se, but we are at a point where there is little movement.  We can hold this position comfortably for several seconds, depending on our lung capacity and level of fitness.  Our lungs supply the necessary oxygen to our blood cells.  The proper amount of oxygen in the cardiovascular system is what will help us keep those crosshairs steady after we have exerted ourselves prior to the shot.  It will help us endure the fatigue we are feeling on the firing line and will keep our weapons steady in the alternate firing positions.

Total Body Fitness

We shoot from the Prone, Sitting, and Standing Off-hand positions the most because they are the most practical. Benchrest shooting is a nice recreational form of shooting and it is demanding in its own way, but it’s different compared to the other shooting positions. These alternate firing positions require most of the main groups of muscles in the body: legs, back, shoulders, and arms.

The Sin City Munitions Physical Regimen

 We take a CrossFit approach.  You could call it the CrossPhyre™ as we combine CrossFit with fire control.  The goal is to improve your overall health and conditioning along with your firearms skills.  No, we are not doing the exercises with firearms, but with the goal towards being able to have greater control of the weapons when we need to use them.

The reality is that when you may actually need to use your concealed carry pistol or other firearm, you will be in a much more frantic state of mind and body.  Your pulse will be racing, your eyes dilated, your mouth dry, your ears dulled, and your coordination limited.  The more you exercise and become more physically fit, the better you will be able to control your weapon in a surprising moment.

We are building out a new site for the gym so our courses today are less equipment related and more body-only.  Truth be told, our military experience was mostly body-only exercising.

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