ATF Revokes Obsolete Guidance Documents

Pursuant to President Trump’s Executive Order 13777 and Attorney General Sessions’ memo prohibiting certain guidance documents, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives recently published Ruling 2017-1 Revoking Certain Guidance Documents. The ATF documents are part of the Attorney General’s rescission of 25 guidance documents. The rescinded ATF documents include three rulings, one procedure and […]

Firearm background checks in Nevada

They’re not about public safety, they’re about money By Ben Robison Tuesday, January 5, 2010, posted on For almost 10 years, the state has been charging Nevadans for a mandatory service that our federal taxes already fund. In 1993, the federal government passed firearms legislation requiring all gun stores to run criminal background checks on […]

ATF Recognizes Alabama Concealed Carry License as Background Check Exception

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has recently issued a letter to Alabama federal firearms licensees, which informed them that Alabama’s permit that recognizes gun owners right to carry a gun in their vehicle or concealed is an alternative to going through a background check for the purchase of a gun. According to the […]

Chicago’s 2016 Homicide Rate Explodes

Chicago’s Homicide Rate Has Exploded This YearChicago’s homicide numbers this year are the worst they has been since the 1990’s. Data recorded by the Chicago Police Department and The Chicago Tribune show that there have been at least 102 homicides this year, 95 of them murders. The incredible murder rate is the highest for this […]

Way to go Arizona! All the other States in the union of states MUST follow this lead!

Arizona Passes Nullification of All Future Federal Gun Laws Rep. Anthony Kern (R-Glendale), Rep. Darin Mitc…hell (R-Dist. 13) and Rep. Steve Montenegro (R-Avondale) filed House Bill 2300 (HB2300) in January with three other cosponsors. (Vote Kern for Arizona LD 20) The legislation would prohibit any state or local agency and their employees from knowingly and […]

Concealed Carry Laws Effect Crime Rate

I recently read that concealed carry laws have really only been a recent phenomenon in our societies even though the vaunted Amendment II has been around for over 200 years.  Really, concealed carry laws have only been established since about the 1980s for many States; some of those States for only a few years now. So […]

Man dies, 1 arrested in shootout with 13-yo

The importance of being armed  for defense of your family, your home, and your property, can never be understated.  As well, the importance of training your children in the proper use of the firearms you may have.  They not only need to know safety but how to shoot.  This 10 November 2015, story out of […]

Constitutional Right & Obligation to Carry

By Robert H. Boatman This excerpt is from his book, Living with Glocks There’s an old wisecrack, true as witticisms, proverbs and aphorisms usually are. It goes like this – funny the things you see when you don’t have a gun. Suzanna Gratia (now Gratia Hupp) was having a pleasant lunch with her parents in […]