Another good guy with a gun stopping an armed robbery

By Cillian Zeal of Western Journal When a shooting at a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee claimed the lives of four people, the media was all over it.  There was endless coverage of the shooting and its aftermath, especially since it involved an AR-15. Just a few days earlier, however, there was another shooting at […]

CDC Hid Significant Defensive Gun Use Survey For 2 Decades

From Freedom Outpost Tim Brown — April 25, 2018 Not that the Center for Disease Control should be studying guns and gun use in the first place, but this goes to show how political the CDC has become.  A bombshell was uncovered decades after the CDC performed a study which found that Americans used guns […]

The ‘Good Guy With A Gun’ Made A Positive Difference In 2017

The mainstream media ridiculed the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre when he said, “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.” But La Pierre was again proven correct during the past year. Armed “good guys” made a very big an positive difference in 2017. While the news typically […]

Rape Survivor Uses Title IX to Defend College Campus Carry

The bill is HB 1002 in Maryland and it would ban firearms on college campuses even if a person has a permit. The following letter is from assault survivor Kimberly Corban. She argues the bill would fail to provide Title IX rights to women because denying them the right to carry a gun, this would make a woman unequal against a […]

Robber Targets Concealed Permit Holder, Dies

An alleged armed robber was shot and killed Monday night when he unknowingly targeted a concealed carry permit holder in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. The incident occurred just after 8 p.m. According to WCCO, the concealed permit holder was standing at the end of a driveway when a 20-year-old male allegedly “tried to rob him at […]